Maven Artifact Search -- does it search the maven repo?

Hi, I'm new to IDEA, so please excuse my ignorance.

I open the pom.xml file and use Ctrl + Insert to launch the "Maven Artifact Search" dialog box. When I type in my query, "jackson" for example, I get no results. Certain packages like org.springframework.* and org.apache.maven.* are there, but not everything in Maven's central repo shows up.

But if I manually input the necessary config for jackson (dependency tags, etc, as listed here:, it works fine. The IDE is able to correctly resolve any missing import statements, auto completes code, etc.

My question: is IDEA meant to search when using "Maven Artifact Search?" Did I incorrectly configure the IDE? Or is this intended functionality?


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IDEA searchs artifacts in the local indexes. That indexes are built by local repository and remote repositories declared in pom.xml. IDEA builds indexes by local repository automatically, but building indexes by remote repository should be invoked manually on Settings -> Maven -> Repositories.


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