How to make Javadoc @link autocompleter avoid full package names?

I think some autocomplete behavior for writing Javadoc has changed for me recently. I'm using IDEA 13.0.1, and have been using IDEA since version 12.

Suppose I'm writing a Java class, and I have imported some classes, such as this:

import java.util.HashMap;

Now I'm in the middle of writing some Javadoc in my class, and I start typing this:

{@link hashm

At this point the autocompleter suggests java.util.HashMap, and I choose it.

I seem to recall that sometime in the past (either an earlier IDEA version or different config), as soon as I chose that class, it would result in text like this:

{@link HashMap}

But now it produces this:

{@link java.util.HashMap}

which is correct but verbose. The same thing happens when I link to other classes that shouldn't need to be fully qualified with package names -- for example, other classes in the same package as the class I'm working on.

Is there some setting that can make IDEA generate the more concise class name when appropriate?


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