What is IDEA 13.0.1 doing with all the CPU activity?

These images will help tell the story of why I'm asking.

First, I start up IDEA and wait for background processes to finish.  This is what my CPU Usage shows, with the bottom graph showing a graph of "All RAM and Core" activity.


So I figure there must be some background tasks still running. However, this shows otherwise:


Well, I think, maybe it's not IDEA that's chewing up all the CPU. So I stop IDEA and all the frenetic CPU activity immediately stops:


So what is IDEA doing with all the CPU activity when I expect it to not be doing very much at all?

I find the CPU graph stays just as frenetic for as long as IDEA is running, whether I'm doing anything with IDEA or not, even if I leave it stting "idle" for an hour.  I've got plenty of RAM and processing power (on the host and guest), so I'm just more curious than anything else.

(I'm attaching a thread dump from 30 minutes ago, but can't say it has anything to do with the still frenetic CPU activity.)

(64-bit IDEA Build 133.331 on Window 7 Ultimate 12GB RAM dual quad core VMware Virtual Machine image.)


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