Set Scala Home

I needed to do something quickly in Scala so I installed the latest Scala version and the latest Intellij version.

I installed Scala 2.10.3 in in E:\dev\scala and then set-up Intellij 13.0.1. I created a new Scala project and in the setting "Set Scala Home" the following was already filled in by Intellij: "E:\dev\scala\bin" and then right under it there was a message that said "not valid scala home". So I changed the setting to "E\dev\scala" and then Intellij produced another message "missing files scala-library-src.jar, scala-swing-src.jar, scala-actors-src.jar. etc. So if it is not what Intellij set it to or it is not what it really is (E\dev\scala) then what does Intellij want from that setting? Thanks for your help.


Sorry for the typo... that was meant to be E:\dev\scala (not E\dev\scala)


Turned out is was the .msi version of Scala that does not work (Windows installer). As soon as I downloaded the .zip version all worked perfectly first time.


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