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So, first, I want to say that I really enjoy Rubymine. You guys are constantly making good improvements and useful features/plugins, so thanks for that.

My idea is a pretty simple one, and one that I would find especially useful when giving presentations using rubymine. I can press `^N` to get a "New..." dialog, and then I can select File. From there it would be awesome if I could type /path/to/file.rb to create the file from the root of the project. This is possible in VIM, and I've come to like the idea of going fullscreen with the editor and driving it entirely (or mostly) without touching the mouse.

The reason this came up again is because I just created a directory, but meant to create a file and it prompted me to create a file or directory because I'd put a .rb at the end (this seems to be a new feature?), and is a nice touch.

As a follow up idea, doing the inverse on file might be useful.  if I create a file and don't type an extention it could be a third option in the "file type" selection screen to say "I meant directory". =)

Anyway, thanks again, and if you find the ideas useful, that's great too.

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Hi, it looks like you might want to vote for (although there might be an ambiguity, whether you want to create a file at the absolute path, or relative to the project root (and there might be several roots)).

Could you please file another YouTrack request for the 'create directory' option when creating a file with no extension?


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