IDEA 13 slow compilation

We've got a project which is about 10.000 classes when compiled.
Compilation takes a very long time (15 to 30 minutes or more), compared to IDEA 12.
Especially the 'Writing classes...' part.

We've had a similar issue with IDEA 12, but this was solved by unchecking the 'Use external build' option in the compiler settings.
This option is no longer available in IDEA 13.

I've tried using the eclipse compiler, but this resulted in some generics related compilation errors which we don't have with javac.

Is there anything we can do about this? Is there still some way to disable the external build?


Edit: I've just recompiled an older patch version and it took 50min... (while less than 5min in IDEA12)

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Since IDEA 12 is Ok, I expect you don't store any sources or classes on network drives? If you do, please say it.

If you don't, please follow to take CPU snapshot

A snapshot for 30 or 50 minutes can be large. When taking a snapshot you can try to compile not the whole project, but one module, if any.


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No we are not using network sources.

I haven't had the time to do a CPU snapshot (and we're using community edition...)
but I have noticed that if we compile packages separately, that compilation goes much faster...
(we've got one source module which contains a large package with general classes and another large package with all product classes)


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