Debug Tool Window default tab

When I run/debug a configuration the debug tool window switches to the debugger tab no matter what the layout has been changed to and if I want to see console output each run I have to switch it back every.. freakin.. time. I really don't think this was always the case because it's so insanely annoying I would have noticed before now... Is this a change in Idea13 or did I do something to make this start happening?

I've tried dragging the Console tab to be the first tab, no change. I've tried hiding the Frames, Threads, Watches and Variables views so only the Console tab remains, however it still, for some reason, restores the debugger tab with the threads and watches panels (the frames and variables views remain hidden).

Setting the console to show when standard output occurs isn't what I'm looking for since this is more about the desire for it to remember which tab I have selected rather than specifically force the console to show. The only semi decent solution has been to drag the console tab onto the debugger tab as a panel... but even then it forces the threads pane down my throat when I hit debug... even when I hid it ...

It's funny how something so minor can be so frustrating lol


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Hi there,

I could only suggest right click on desired tab/panel and activate "Focus On Startup". I'm just not sure if this is actually working...

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Was one of the first things I tried before I posted, no dice...

If I drag everything so that Console, Threads, Watches, Variables and Frames are all their own tab in the Debug tool window it's Watches that is forced into view each time ... though I have no watches, and it doesn't have focus on startup checked ...


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