Scala & play2 - generated test classname prevents debug breakpoint

Hi, using Idea 133.193, scala plugin 0.26.327 & play2 plugin 0.26.323 on MAc OSX

We shift command T on a controller class to create a test.  The suggested class name contains a dollar sign, e.g. ContactMapping$Test .

That appears to work fine, except that if I try to debug the test, the test runs normally but any breakpoint lines are not honoured.  The test is being debugged, because an exception breakpoint is respected.  We are able to fix this by renaming the class as say ContactMappingTest.

This looks to me to be a bug, at least at some level, yes?

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It looks similar to (I mean test class generation).
As for breakpoint we will take a look for it, thank you for the report.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.

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Thanks very much


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