IntelliJ Idea on Very high resolution Windows Machines


I've been wanting to use Jira on my newly acquired Windows 8 machine which is a Lenovo yoga 2 pro.the problem is the screens are really pixelated making it very hard for me to use it,  I was wondering if there is any kind of setting for idea to support this..

the resolution on my machine is 3200 x 1800.. Some of the apps have begun supporting but as of now I can't use idea because my eyes would hurt after using it due to the pixelated screen. I think the same problem would occur on an ativ book plus.


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To answer my own question,

I was able to get it to work by using JDK1.7.0_45.
I setup the environment variable IDEA_JDK and then changed the default theme. The windows look and feel does not support changing fonts.

Using the builtin JDK of IDEA, the fonts would be pixelated and hard to use.



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