IntelliJ Ultimate 13 is extremely slow and hangs

I've been a happy user of IntelliJ for around ten years, until now.

IntelliJ 13 Ultimate, running with 64-bit Java 7 update 45 on OpenSuse 13.1 is extremely slow. Typing into a Java editor gets slower and slower until the IDE just hangs. 30 seconds or more later it may deign to pop back to life.

Anyone got a cure for this blight? I've reverted to version 12 in the meantime.

an annoyed user

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Please take a CPU snapshot accordingly to:

If the IDE does not respond then the thread dump can also help:

Thank you,

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I think I've found the culprit to the slowness and for the last few days, the IDE hanging and barely being able to do anything with it at all.

I'm working on a moderately large maven project with sub-modules, under git control. I'm mainly working with one (large) sub-module and have got into the habit of keeping up to 10 or so copy/pasted versions of the sub-module's directory as I work (I tend not to do frequent commits - perhaps I should).

Anyway, today I spotted that the changeset was huge when it should have been a few handfuls of files. The multiple copy/pastes were obviously inflating the changesets, but perhaps also causing git to get confused as it reported many changes in files that hadn't been touched. Indeed, viewing such diffs in a git client (such as atlassian's) showed no changes at all. There were hundreds of these.

A fresh checkout of the entire project with my changes copied on top have given me back my responsive IDE and small changesets.

If the IDE slows down and grinds to a halt again, I shall provide thread dumps and CPU snapshots if I can.


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