# 8418 - Shelving still broken

If I change a file in a shelved set, and update it in CVS, the shelved file can no longer be unshelved, and 'Show Diff' displays the local (updated) version next to a totally blank shelved version.

I would expect the shelved version to compare as usual with the local version, and to merge or prompt for a merge when unshelving.

As it is at present, this feature is not usable - in fact, it is positively dangerous, as there is no way I can find of recovering the shelved file, short of hacking the patch file to merge by hand, or rolling back to the point of shelving in the Local History - (assuming the local history still contains it), then merging with the archived revision.

I suggest that this feature be disabled until it is safe to use.

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Hello Dave,
I've tried to fix the bug, the fix will be included into the next EAP.

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I've tried to fix the bug

Thanks, that's good news (although you don't sound very confident...)

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OK, it looks like this is working in # 8471 - I was able to recover a previously 'lost' shelved file set by passing the shelf patch file to the 'Apply Patch' facility (I'm assuming that 'Unshelve Files' uses this feature). For files that had been changed since the shelving, it displayed a conflict error message, but then went into the 3 pane merge process, which allowed the conflicts to be resolved.

Thanks for the fix, great work!

Edited by: Dave Lorde on Jun 19, 2008 8:52 AM


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