Idea 13: where do the Maven repositories reside?

Greetings, Developers!

I have downloaded a Community Edition of Idea 13 to test it. In my Ultimate Edition of Idea 11 I can manage the Maven repositories in Settings->Maven->Repositories. In the downloaded version there are no such an option. Where can I find it?

Why I need this? Because I want to create a new project based on some Maven archetype. But the list of archetypes provided by Idea is quite short. I want to select from many archetypes or search through them or even use the filter property of Maven :

-Dfilter=org.apache:struts, for example. 

How can I do it in Idea 13?
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Repositories page is per-project, and automatically filled with URLs found in project's pom files (e.g. from <repository> element). This way the setting is absent for template project (when no project is opened).

Adding a single archetype is possible in New Module wizard, on pressing Add Archetype button. Can it be enough?



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