com.intellij.uiDesigner... package "intellij" shows as an error

I know this has been asked before but I cant find a solid story on this:

when I use the UIDesigner, the generated classes all show up in red w/ the "cannot resolve..." rollover

code compiles but the error flags are a problem

I understand this has to do with forms_rt.jar? there is talk of moving this file around from idea_home... doesnt seem like I should mess with it, or should have to

better to create compiled classes with the gui generator?



Basically you either need to add forms_rt to the classpath, or use javac2 to compile the form. Javac2 is the thing that does javac plus generates sources from the form.

If javac2 generates "red" source code, and you later in some case compile it with regular javac, then compilation will fail.

I personally prefer to add forms_rt and do not care then.



I'm on a mac, looked inside the app file>open package contents>lib found forms_rt.jar

I put that in my module libs folder... it doesnt seem correct... the other jars can be explored, this one not

and also the red code remains


Please see (IDEA installation directory)/redist/



I have the same problem is there a way you can help me know where to place the forms_rt.jar file. I keep getting the error can't resolve symbol 'intellij'.


This library should be located under <IDEA_Installation_Directory>\libs


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