Keymaps from ideaServer is not selectable in settings

I use Idea on Windows, Mac OS and Linux on a total of five installations at the moment. I have been using the IntelliJ Configuration Server plugin for years and it has been working fine so far.

I resently installed Linux on a new machine and on that machine I can't find my keymaps, live templates or any other configuration.

I found my keymaps in ~/.IntelliJIdea13/system/ideaServer/localCopy/$ROOT_CONFIG$/keymaps

Have the settings on the server got out of synch? How do I get this to work again? Is there some way I can import the settings in the "localCopy"-folder?


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The plugin doesn't seem to support IntelliJ IDEA 13 yet.
To exchange settings between IDE installation without server use File | Export Settings and File | Import Settings.


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