Maven integraton in 7.0.4 eap reworked

The released 7.0.4 eap has several major changes in Maven integration:

  • Importing invalid projects. The problems are reported in tool tips int the Maven Projects tool window.

  • Dependency resolution in background. After initial reading (that should be relatively fast) dependency resolution is done on background.

  • Correct properties handling in Maven Projects tree. All the projects are now correctly named if properties are used as IDs.

  • There are lots of other changes also.

Note that highlighting and navigation in poms are temporarily disabled in this eap since the internal model has changed significantly. These features will be available again in the next eap.

The eap is available at

You are welcome to give any feedback on this changes.

Anton Makeev


Is the Maven Run/Debug config disabled too?
I can't find it anymore and can't debug my app with Maven Jetty config anymore.



Nop, It has broke 8)


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