Multi library project


I have a framework whitch have a different part (Default/Desktop/Mobile).
I have library for iOS and Android to.
So the dependency tree is somethnig like this:

                     Desktop    Mobile
                                       iOS  Android

All of this is a library project. I can build .swc file one by one, but how can build all of this in one project with one build configuration

for example:

build Defaul
build Desktop
build Mobile
build iOS
build Android

thanks for the help

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I'm afraid I don't understand the problem. Build | Make action (Ctrl+F9 on Win or Meta+F9 on Mac) compiles all Flash build configurations of all Flash modules in the project in the correct order (respecting mutual dependencies).
Do you have 5 Flash modules each having one build configuration of Library type? I can check your project structure if you attach all your *.iml files and .idea folder zipped.

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Hi Alexander,

from the base.

I created a library project. The name is GotoFramework.
I imported modules to this (GotoCore, GotoCoreDesktop,GotoCoreMobile...etc)
The GotoCore is the base library, and the GotoCoreDesktop and GotoCoreMobile depends on the GotoCore.
The GotoCoreMobileIos and GotoCoreMobileAndroid is depends on the GotoCoreMobile.

So I want to the following steps:

build the GotoCore
build the GotoCoreDesktop and GotoCoreMobile
build the GotoCoreMobileIos and GotoCoreMobileAndroid

now if I make some changes in the GotoCore, I have to compile this, after have to compile the GotoCoreMobile(which depends on the GotoCore ), and after the GotoMobileIos (which depends on the GotoCoreMobile)

So I want to simplify this workflow, and want to regenerate all the swc files for all module with one click.
I hope I dont want too much :)


Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 4.05.58 PM.png
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Ok, thank you for details.
I see that there are 5 .idea folders, and probably there's also a 6th one that is outside of the screenshot, i.e. you have a lot of IntelliJ IDEA projects. You shouldn't do that. One project with several flash modules is enough.

If you came from Eclipse or Eclipse-based IDE, keep in mind that:

  • Eclipse workspace is the equivalent of IntelliJ IDEA project.
  • Eclipse project is the equivalent of IntelliJ IDEA Flash module.

So looks like you need one project (let it have name GotoFramework) with 5 modules: GotoCore, GotoCoreDesktop, GotoCoreMobile, GotoCoreMobileIos and GotoCoreMobileAndroid. Each module should have one Flash Build configuration with Output Type: Library and with corresponding dependency on other build configuration (Dependencies tab).

There's no sense in 'aggregating' module GotoFramework if it doesn't have its own sources.

The file you attached is not enough to understand your project setup. I think your Project Structure should look like my attachment.
'Make' toolbar button (Meta+F9) will compile all 5 SWCs in correct order. Compilation is incremental, i.e. if only GotoCoreMobile sources were touched then only GotoCoreMobile, GotoCoreMobileIos and GotoCoreMobileAndroid will be recompiled.

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See updated screenshot, because on the previous one target platform of mobile libs was incorrectly set to web. Now you'll see mobile icons.

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Dependency linkage type is 'Merged' on my screenshot. Probably you'll want to set linkage type to 'Included' for all dependencies, so that GotoCoreMobileIos.swc includes all classes from GotoCoreMobile.swc and GotoCore.swc

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Hi Alexander

Many thanks for the help, this description is help me a lot :)
Now works perfectly.
The IntelliJ is the best IDE I've used.

thanks again.


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