Using inspections' Entry Points

As I'm trying to modularize my code base, I'm using inspections to make sure the code I'll be providing to other apps will be clean.
I come accross a lot of "Unused declaration" for most interfaces and abstract classes. Of cours IDEA can't know it's gonna be used by some other applications later.

Instead of cluttering my code with @SuppressWarning("UnusedDeclaration") I thought defining Entry Points would solve my problem. I came to know Entry Points when starting to use the Inspect Code dialog box. Entry points do help solve the problem to some extent, but not fully. And I actually don't really understand what's going on with them.

Here's how I use it:
I try to add all the problematic (= "Unused declaration") code to Entry Points then rerun the analysis. Some Entry Points are kept, some comes back as alert.

Could someone help me understand what's going on? I cna't find anything helpful neither in Help nor in google


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