[potential bug] compile consistency with eclipse

Hi, I'm embedding a third party library to my project. The 3rdparty library says that one of its files MMBilling.jar must be placed at the ROOT_PROJECT/runtime/ directory, otherwise it will not compile. Following the instruction I was able to compile it correctly in Eclipse, but in intelliJ, doing that still results in a compile error. I'm wondering what is causing this. Could it be the jar itself or IntelliJ having different build process than Eclipse. I attached the offending jar file. Please take a look at it. Thanks!

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I can only guess what "Root/runtime" directory means in Eclipse and how its contents is interpreted by the IDE.
I can only say that simply placing a library to some directory on disk, does not mean that jar will be automatically seen and used by IDEA. You still have to attach the jar to the module where it is used.
My guess is that instructions have something to do with the type of dependency that should be configured. There are three dependency types available in IDEA:
1. compile: the jar is added in both compilation and runtime classpath
2. runtime: the jar is added only to runtime classpath, but is not seen by compiler
3. provided: the jar is added only to compilation classpath, but not to runtime classpath.


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