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I am new to Intellij Idea. I'm trying to develop a plugin. This plugin needs some bundles from eclipse.
In order to start the bundls from eclipse a read that i need to use Osmorc.

If i'm using a plugin run/debug configuration, a new instance of IJ Idea starts with my new plugin instaled but i can't install the bundles.
If i'm using an OSGI Bundle run/debug configuration, i can start my needed bundls (i can see in the console) but i don't start the new IntelliJ instance with my plugin.

Here is my confusion:
How can i get a run configuration that dose bouth things (to start a new Intellij instanse with my plugin and olso start my bundls, like i can do in eclipse)? Any other sugestion will help

Thank you!

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IntelliJ platform is not based on OSGI, so if you want IntelliJ IDEA plugin to use OSGI bundles you still should use Plugin run configuration and need to care about OSGI manually. I'm not familiar with OSGI and Eclipse bundles, so I can't say how difficult it is if even possible.


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