"No flow configuration found, please check Spring setup"

I'm getting this error at the top of the screen in each of my flow config files:

"No flow configuration found, please check Spring setup"

Although the webflow is setup in one of the Spring contexts:

<webflow:flow-registry id="flowRegistry" flow-builder-services="flowBuilderServices">
        <webflow:flow-location path="/flows/myFlow.xml" />

Going to myFlow.xml will then show this error. What's wrong with the setup?

Many thanks.

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Angelo, please file issue with minimal setup replicating your project https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/IDEA

Looking further into the configuration of this project, the flows are used within a portlet setup, i.e. the flow registry is within a context.xml that is loaded via a contextConfigLocation defined in the portlet.xml

Is there a way to get IntelliJ to force the loading of the config, it doesn't seem to see any of these XML files within the Spring facet


What exactly is the problem with setting up Spring facet? Did you try to create/modify fileset and add the corresponding context.xml?


Actually I've just fixed it - I deleted the Spring facet and re-created it manually. Not sure what the problem was, but followed exactly the same steps but it worked this time.

Thanks for the response.


Great, glad to hear it works now.



Recreating Spring faced didn't worked for me.

Instead, it worked by disabling all "JAVA Files" section in Spring Application Context.

It looks likethere is any conflict between Spring Web Flow plugin and Java Anottation recognition.



Msanjuan, could you please create a ticket in our bugtracker and attach a minimal sample project? Thanks. https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/IDEA


I'm having the same problem, cannot create Spring Web Flow xml files, I always get "No flow configuration found, please check Spring setup"


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