Compiling Typescript to a single output file?

When using a Typescript watcher, there doesn't seem to be a way to concatenate all the files down into a single output file.

In the command line, I believe you'd do something like:

tsc -out output.js filea.ts fileb.ts

Can we set up IntelliJ Idea to do this as well?

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Hi Alex,

just in the same way - by passing '-out' option to tsc in File Watcher arguments

If your main.ts file references other project files directly or indirectly via <reference path> references, the following file watcher settings will result in joining all .ts files into a single main.js:

'Track only root files' ON

Arguments: -sourcemap $FileName$ --out $FileNameWithoutExtension$.js
Working directory: $FileDir$
Output paths: $FileNameWithoutExtension$.js:$FileNameWithoutExtension$


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