Subversion integration problems


I have a subversion project in Intellij and want to compare 2 revisions. For this, I right click on the module: Subversion -> Show History. Then in the version control panel, I select 2 revisions and hit ctrl + D (for some reason the Compare context menu option is disabled). What I get instead is a dialog window asking me to "Select Path". Also, the same happens if I select just one revision and hit ctrl + D.
I clearly remember that I could to revision comparisons before.. I have no idea why this is not working anymore..

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When you hit "Subversion -> Show History" on module, history for the module folder is shown. "Compare" action in Subversion history panel is allowed only for files (which is why action is disabled in toolbar and context menu). So the default "Compare Directories" action is invoked when you hit "Ctrl + D". The first directory to compare is selected module directory and the second directory is asked using "Select Path" dialog which is shown.

Revision history and comparison for files should work as expected.


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