Browse TFS Repository


I often need to browse through a remote TFS repository.  To do this, I need to navigate VCS->Checkout from Version Control->TFS, and then act as if I need to checkout code.  For now this is adequate, but not as native as the Eclipse TFS plugin.  It seems as if there should be a TFS option under the "Browse VCS Repository" menu.

I think the TFS plugin should be updated to add this missing option, or Is there a better way to browse through a TFS repository?


Is there any update on this request ? It would be great if TFS plugin could have more feautures (see work items would also be nice)


There are no plans of adding this at the moment. 

BTW, the correct way of submitting requests would be creating one at and there seems to be no such request posted.


Ok, Thanks.

Now that I know that I've indeed created IDEA-184331 Enhance TFS Plugin .


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