File Templates ignoring line returns

I'm trying to modify the "Actionscript Class with Supers" File Template, but Intellij doesn't honor the line returns:

#parse("ActionScript File") package ${PACKAGE_NAME}#if (${PACKAGE_NAME} && ${PACKAGE_NAME} != "") #end {      ${Access_modifier} class ${NAME} #if (${Superclass} && ${Superclass} != "")extends ${Superclass}#end #if (${SuperInterfaces} && ${SuperInterfaces} != "")implements #foreach( $i in ${SuperInterfaces} ) #if ($foreach.count > 1),#end $i #end#end      {           public function ${NAME}()           {                #if (${Superclass} && ${Superclass} != "")super();#end           }      } }

Results in:

package events {      import;      public class MyEvent extends Event      {      public MyEvent(type:String, bubbles:Boolean = false, cancelable:Boolean = false)      {           super(type, bubbles, cancelable);      }      } }

Why are the braces on the same lines as 'package events' and 'public class ExporterConfigViewPM extends Event'?  The "Reformat according to style" checkbox seems to have no effect.



Sorry for delay.
In order to have braces on the next line after package/class/method/etc. declaration you don't need to edit "Actionscript Class with Supers" File Template. It is ok to keep other-style braces in template. Istead you need to edit Settings | Code Style | ActionScript | Wrapping and Braces tab | all subnodes of Braces placement node and set 'Next line' there. After that all newly created classes will be formatted according to your code style. To format already existing code use Code | Reformat Code (Ctrl+Alt+L on Windows).


I've reverted my changes to the templates and ensured I had all the "next line" options set for braces, but the resulting classes are still wonky.  Here's one I created today (not a super class):

package exporter.messages {
     public class SearchMessage  {
          public function SearchMessage() {


  • None of the braces are on the next line.
  • That closing brace for the constructor is indented 3x with spaces instead of 2x with tabs.
  • The final closing brace is indented 2x with tabs instead of 0x.

Any ideas?  I'm not sure what else could be affecting the behavior of the file templates.



What is your IntelliJ IDEA version?
What code style scheme is set at Settings | Code Style?
Please do File | Export Settings, make sure that Code Style and File Templates are included and attach resulting file here.


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