Simplified colors and fonts configuration

Back in the day, I used to craft quite a few color configurations. I like different color configurations for different lightning conditions, moods, whatever, I just like to change.

This was when IDEA used to support only Java, HTML and XML. Today, creating a new color configuration is nearly unsurmountable -- 14 different syntaxes, with no (easy) way to reuse colors between them. I lost my drive to create new color configurations, it's too much of a hassle.

So, for IDEA 8, I was hoping to see a simplified Colors & Fonts configuration panel. One where I could define colors for language agnostic elements, and have those applied to as many syntaxes as possible. Keywords, operators, parenthesis, brackets, commas, strings, number, escapes, comments (line, block and documentation), classes, imports and many other items aren't specific to Java, and it would be nice defining them only once. Of course, some elements Annotations and Symbols are still language specific (to Java and Ruby, respectively), but I think those are more of an exception than a rule.

Another nice improvement would be an easy way to copy the settings (colors, font type, etc) from another element. For example, if I want block comments to look the same as line comments, I could right click on "block comments" and select something like "Copy settings from ... -> Line Comments". Better yet would be a way to link the two elements, so if I change one, the other would be automatically changed too.

Okay, I'm ranting for too long. Anyone else here cares about making your code look pretty (and colorful) like I do?

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Re: language-agnostic syntax elements

I agree this would be nice. The main overlap I see is between Java and Javascript. Most of the other syntax elements listed under HTML, XML, CSS, JSP, Diff, Properties, etc. are all unique. But if they are supporting Ruby, Scala, and other languages, then the overlap will grow.

I guess they would need to introduce a new category "Language" and define generic language elements there. Then, under Java, Javascript. Ruby, Scala, etc. they would show the same elements (plus any addl. specific to that language). For the elements that have a corresponding element under "Language", they would default to "inherited" and the color/font/style settings would be greyed out. If you uncheck "inherited", then you could override it for that specific language.

Re: copy syntax styles

It would be great if there was an easy way to copy the color&font style for an syntax element. Could Jetbrains just support CTRLC and CTRLV in the syntax element list?

Related to this, I had already requested an easy way to copy colors within IDEA Colors&Fonts and also from an external application,e.g. external color chooser.

The best idea seemed to be to remove the mini color pallete, and in it's place display a textfield showing the colors RGB value e.g. . Then you can copy and paste the color values directly. The color palette would still be accessible if you double-click on the color swatch.


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