Changing Main-app.xml namespace for newer AS3/AIR SDK


In a pure AS3 project with the Main-app xml namespace set for AIR 3.8, I'm trying out a newer AIR AS3 compiler: AIR 3.9.

The original namespace is:

xmlns - The Adobe AIR namespace:
     The last segment of the namespace specifies the version of the AIR runtime required for this application to run.

     minimumPatchLevel - The minimum patch level of the AIR runtime required to run the application. Optional. -->

<application xmlns="">

If I change the SDK config to the new 3.9 correct version and then try to change this in the above namespace, I get a red highlighting for

<application xmlns="">

and an error: URI is not registered.

Can you tell me the steps to take to change the namespace to the new, correct one for the AIR SDK 3.9, without an error?

Thank you for your help.

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There are 3 options for you:
- do not care about red highlighting, it affects only presentation in editor, but doesn't affect compilation, packaging and execution
- configure *.xsd schema for 3.9 namespace. Schema is included in the SDK ([SDK]/templates/air/Descriptor.3.9.xsd). Either invoke quick fix on red highlighting or use Settings | Schemas and DTDs | External Schemas and DTDs.
- upgrade to IntelliJ IDEA 13 EAP. Namespace 3.9 is already preconfigured there out-of-the-box.

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Hi Alexander,

Thank you for these suggestions.

I think I have solved this using option # 2.


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