First Grails Project Problem - ASSERTION FAILED


First time using IntelliJ IDEA and going to start learning Grails right now but running dead smack into a problem I can't seem to get around.  I create a project, change nothing and try to run it and get the following error:

|Running Grails application |Server running. Browse to http://localhost:8080/GrailsTestingGround *** java.lang.instrument ASSERTION FAILED ***: "!errorOutstanding" with message transform method call failed at ../../../src/share/instrument/JPLISAgent.c line: 844 Exception in thread "main" Error | Forked Grails VM exited with error Process finished with exit code 1

I'm running this on Windows 7 64bit.  Have JDK 1.7.0_45 and Grails 2.3.2 with latest version of IDEA.

Any help would be appreciated as haven't been able to find solution searching as of yet.


Do you mean that all you have done is the 'create-app' and then tried to run the application ?

I cannot say that I have ever done that - however, and in order to do some small tests on 2.3.x I have made several small projects where I run 'create-app', create a new domain class, add a couple of String properties and then generate-all (to make the controllers and views), then run the application (all within IDEA) and with both IDEA 12 and 13 EAP I have had no problems as you have described.

Is there anything in your app at all ?



I tried both a blank project and before that by following first tutorial for grails project ( ) which resulted in same problem.

I'll try finding a working project and see if I can run it, guess that would tell me if it's just my projects which are bad though seems an odd error for that, or at least not very clear/helpful.  Any other ideas appreciated.


That really does seem odd. And I should mention that I do use linux - but that really shouldn't matter.

Could I suggest that you try outside of IDEA. You can run the already created Grails app from a grails prompt - I must admit that I seldom do this so I cannot guarantee to get it right...but if you CD to the project directory and type Grails (at a DOS prompt) it should load Grails (if the PATH is set up correctly etc.) and you can issue the Grails commands from there; indeed you can create a whole project just by running the commands...

And, of course, check PATH is pointing to the correct Java (I'm running the same version) and that JAVA_HOME and GRAILS_HOME are correct.

I then did what we (?) should have done at first and did a quick search .... finding a few references but in particular:

so it looks like a Windows-related issue which you can circumvent by amending the BuildConfig.groovy



Well I'd swear I searched multiple times for that to try and find the answer but you probably wouldn't believe me now ;)

Thanks fro the help.  Modifying the BuildConfig.groovy to add that dependency line worked like a charm.


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