Context keep disappearing

Hi guys,

i love the context feature but from time to time my contexts seem to just disappear. Seldomly all at once, from time to time only one or two of my contexts will disappear. I can not figure out what is causing this. My assumption is that it has something to do with SVN. however the repo does not show any modified files when i create a new context. So i assume the file is not in the repo?
Where does idea store the contexts? And why do they get deleted? Is it automated?

Any help is appreciated!


PS. I am using IDEA for Actionscript development.


Hi, task contexts are stored in IDEA settings directory, like {home}/.IntellijIdea13/config/tasks. Number of stored contexts can be configured in Project Settings -> Tasks -> Task history length.  In what way do you save / restore your contexts? Do you use a bugtracking server integration for tasks?


Hi Dmitry,

i adjusted the number of Tasks, lets see if this helps. Thanks for the hint.

I simply use "save Context" and "load Context" from the Tools menu. The Project is inside an SVN repository but i don't use any special bugtracking servers.
The problem is that sometimes these context just disappear, maybe the history length setting will fix it.

Thanks & have a good day


Ok, please file a bug to YouTrack in case the problem persists.


Will do, thanks for the reply!


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