#8243 Minor problems

Yesterday I encountered two more minor problems that I've seen occasionally (rarely) with previous releases:

1. Editing a Java file to correct some errors - when all were fixed, & compiled correctly, Diana still showed the red underline on the tab & project tree (a well-known issue), but also the auto code analysis & inspection hung during analysis, which may be what stopped Diana removing the 'errors' indication. I tried switching off inspections for the file, and swapping inspection profiles, but it remained stuck, with the top-right gutter tooltip showing 'Performing code analysis - 2 errors found'.
No other files were showing these problems, and there is nothing unusual about the problem file. The symptoms went away after I closed and re-opened the project.

2. When I hit Ctrl-Alt-F7 to globally find a symbol usage when there was only a single use, it opened the file containing the usage, told me it was the only use, but didn't take me to the symbol (i.e. it left me at the top of the file, with no symbol in sight). When I went back to the original file and repeated the find, it then correctly took me to the symbol usage. This happened twice (with different symbols). It occurred to me that the problem may be associated with having to open the file containing the symbol, but I can't replicate it (caching?).

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