Would anyone find 'remembering last entry in goto boxes' useful?

Every time that I hit CTRL-N or CTRL-SHIFT-N or CTRL-SHIFT-ALT-N or ... well, you get the idea.Anyway, when I do one of these GOTO-like searches, I'm often surprised that the dialog didn't remember the last search item I put in it.

I wouldn't want it to start the search straight away though, because I might want to change the entry.

What I was thinking of was only start the search on the existing item if I hit the RETURN key or I start entering a new item.

Would anyone else find this useful?

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Okay, I'll put a JIRA entry in for it then.

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That suggestion sounds very reasonable. I think it could (and of course should) be implemented together with one of my most often wished enhancements (http://www.jetbrains.net/jira/browse/IDEA-12759).



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