recommended project structure of flex apps

I'm using Diana and would like to know the recommended project structure for a flex app which talks to a backend service.

Do I create two modules, one Java with Web Facet, and the other a Flex module? If so can someone outline the directory structure.

Or should I create one module, with Web and Flex Facets?

And how do I set things up so that when I build the the project, the compile output is in the correct war / web app structure and when I run . debug be able to step through the actionscript and the server side code?

If would be great if anyone could share a skeleton project that does this along with the ant build file to create a war.


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As mentioned in another thread a Flex project currently only works if there is a single module of type Flex. I tried opening IDEA in two separate instances and work on the server part in a separate module and the flex portion in the first instance but its quite painful. Also not being able to compile a Flex project directly is not too convenient as we still need to use ant build files for the actual flex compilation.

For now I ended up using FB3 for the flex portions and IDEA for the web module / server. I'll keep an eye on future EAP releases and hopefully can switch back to IDEA completely when the flex support is a little more complete.



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