don't remember empty line on ctrl-x

1. ctrl-x with no selection selects the whole line - great feature
2. ctrl-x on an empty line puts an empty line to the clipboard - mostly useless, and it removes the last useful entry from the clipboard
(still accessible by shift-ctrl-v, but gone from ctrl-v - so my suggestion here is about saving one shift-press ;)

-> don't put an empty line into clipboard when ctrl-x was used to get rid of some empty lines
If someone really wants and expects to have empty lines in the clipboard, then he should explicitly select the empty lines before cutting.

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Settings -> Editor -> Strip trailing spaces on Save = "All" and no more empty lines :)

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Just use Ctrl-Y instead.

It would be very strange if Cut would not put anything to the clipboard.

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Nobody will ever intend to cut an empty line in order to have it in the clipboard.

If you want to "paste an empty line" somewhere... well, just hit return - ok? ;)

The "mini feature proposal" is to relieve me from the "burden" of remembering to use ctrl-y instead of ctrl-x when I just want to get rid of
some empty lines and have the wish of keeping some "interesting stuff" in the clipboard...


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