Quick simple editing of static HTML & CSS – Is this possible in IntelliJ?

Is it possible to uses IntelliJ for quick simple editing of a web page? Similar to a text editor, I want to just drag-and-drop a HTML or CSS file to IntelliJ, do some edting and save the file.

IntelliJ seems to be insisting I set up a project which seems overkill when I just want to make some edits to a web page.

If a quick easy edit is not possible in IntelliJ, would a workaround be creation of a bogus project to keep around for these moments. When the moment strikes, move the web page file that needs editing into the project. Edit, save, and copy the file back out of the project's folder. If this is the way to go, is "Web Module" the correct project template to choose when creating this bogus project?


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There is no such feature as editing single file without creating a project. Related request is http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WI-1816 . Choosing Web Module as a project template is quite fine suits described purpose.


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