Failed to set a breakpoint in a GWT core class containing native JS code.

I am trying to set a breakpoint in a class from gwt-user. The class contains some native javascript code along with normal java methods. After having started a corresponding GWT Configuration IntelliJ marks the breakpoint with a cross saying "no executable code found at...". Setting a breakpoint in another GWT class from gwt-user, but which does not contain any native javascript methods, succeeds. The breakpoint looks ok and IntelliJ stops on it.
For example setting a breakpoint in does not work. The class contains a native method setPropertyImpl containing javascript code.
But setting a breakpoint in another gwt-user class like for example or does work without any problems.
Am I doing something wrong or is it a feature?

Tried with IntelliJ 12.1.6 and 13 EAP.

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