TC Plugin for Idea13 + Teamcity 7.1.4


is there a TC plugin build that allows me to use Idea13 and TC 7?

so far i've had no luck.   I'm testing out idea13 and the only thing i cannot do is remote runs...which is very improtant for my workflow.

If its not available, Is it possible to provide such a build via an url so i can use this combination?


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Hello, Trevor.
Intellij IDEA 13 EAP was announced much later than TeamCity 7.1 had been  released.
So I'm afraid it would require too much effort to deliver such a plugin as since TeamCity 7.1.4 there were a lot of changes and fixes implemented into IntelliJ Platform Plugin.
Please consider an upgrade as the current TeamCity version is quite compatible with the latest IDEA.

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ok, thanks.  i'll go pester folks to upgrade.

(may also try the command line runner)


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