Jar Artifact - don't explode dependencies into output jar


I'm coming from Netbeans which upon building creates the following:
dist/ (containing the project with the main method and manifest file), dist/lib containing all my dependencies (could be other jar files, or other projects (modules in IntelliJ).

I managed to build a jar artifact - but it gives me one giant jar file containing all dependencies "unpacked", even those where I start out with a jar in the first place. I don't particularly care for having everything in one jar file (makes the act of swapping out one single component without touching the rest really hard for one.. plus certain of my config files are in the jar, so having everything in there makes things confusing if you need to adjust a config file since there's so many directories).

So, I'm wondering.. is there a way to build a jar from my main project that contains just my main project, and reference to other jars (one jar per module, and keep dependency jars as they are.. just linked from the mainfest file of the main project). And ideally this should be something that is set up once, then replicated with minimal effort to other projects no matter what their dependencies are.


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