Add New Emulator Screen Size in Intellij IDEA 12 (AIR Mobile)

Hi, I just downloaded Intellij IDEA 12 few days ago, it's a very nice IDE in term of project structure, performance and many other areas, I am planning to move from Flash Builder to Intellij IDEA. Just one simple question here, can I add new devices (or Screen Size) into the Emulator list form the Edit Configuration? Apparently the drop down list includes:

720 X 480
1280 X 720
1920 X 1080
Apple iPad
Apple iPad Retina
Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone retina
Google Nexus One
Motorola Driod
Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung Galaxy Tab

Can I add new devices into the list?

Thank you!


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No, you can't add new devices, but you can select Other... and specify any screen size.

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Thank for the reply!

OK, I think that is not a big issue, in fact I can add new configuration item with different screen size using "Other..." option to set my custom screen size or devices.

Thanks anyway.



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