Why won't idea kill my app?

Whenever my app hits an exception inside a loop (ie it keeps hitting it over
and over) IDEA (7718) stops responding. I can't shut down my app within IDEA
and I end up having to kill IDEA and restart. This is annoying and seems
like a bug. Is it? I've seen this in older builds of IDEA but it seems worse
with this one.

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If you are displaying the exception, probably is the same thing what I've
posted some time ago.

>public static void main(String[] args){

while (true){
System.err.println("Another way to crash Idea");


>Let it running a while (2 min was enough for me) and see the result
>The problem is that even killing this "great" application, Idea is still
>frozen, and will remain frozen (WinXP, -Xms200m -Xmx600m)
>PS: accidentally discovered this problem and this is the easiest way to
>reproduce it


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