maven-war-plugin config: path problem

I'm using rev 7718.
Until recently this worked perfectly: I was using BeforeLaunch: run Maven Goal 'package'.
It would just deploy my app to a directory and crate a WAR. I'd configure my Web module to point to this dir and run Tomcat.

I have added the following configuration to the maven-war-plugin to be able to parametrize web.xml.

org.apache.maven.plugins maven-war-plugin 2.0 src/main/webapp true **/web.xml ]]>

I get this error when running 'package' goal from within IDEA:
Maven Embedder execution error: basedir src/main/webapp does not exist

, whereas it works just fine from command line.

Is that a known problem? How can I make the path ok for both embedded and command line Maven?

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Why don't you just run the web-app in-place within your IDE without doing the burdensome/time consuming work of building wars and such?

I just launch jetty and have it use the ide classpath of the project most of the time - very fast and development-friendly.


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