IntelliJ UI Designer Doesn't Work!

I am learning IntelliJ and wanted to add a new form. I can see and use the Swing UI designer but I cannot do the following things:

(A control is like something like JButton, JTable, J...)

1. Cannot delete a control from the designer. I add them but cannot delete. Isn't that fricking weird???
2. Cannot change the position of a control on the UI Designer? I cannot simply put the control wherever I want on the form designer! And the small squares around the control when you click them doesn't even do anything? I cannot move the control or resize it using those squares!

I've been reading reviews about Netbeans and IntelliJ and their comparisons when it comes to UI designer and some people say IntelliJ beats Netbeasn on UI designer? If I cannot do a very basic UI designing with an expensive piece of software then what use it has?

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