Store many resource files in separate jar

My Mathematica plugin for IDEA contains a resource folder consisting of several thousand (small) html files. These files are the documentation to Mathematica functions. When I rebuild my project, the copying of so many files takes very long compared to the rest of the compilation process.

Is it possible to create a jar from these files (folder structure) which is then exported to the compilation output? The documentation does not change, so I don't need to edit these files. I already tried to create a new library witht ProjectStructure -> Libraries -> Add new Library and then add a new "Source" library. I added this then to the Dependencies in the Modules section. Unfortunately, this does not work. Has someone a hint how to create this jar (I used jar cf) and include it properly?




Adding a library looks irrelevant, however, I may miss something.

I think you basically need artifacts. Check Project Strucutre dialog / Artifacts section, and product documentation on that topic. Welcome to ask more specific questions when you've got the point.



Hi Alexander,

thanks for your reply.

Adding a library looks irrelevant, however, I may miss something.

I wanted to pack the resources into a jar because then, only one file is copied to the compile output. Currently, I have a resource folder reflecting my package layout. As you can see it contains a de.halirutan.mathematica.documentation package whose content (all 5000 files) is copied on every rebuild although the doc-files were automatically created and don't change

Screenshot from 2013-10-08 04:26:58.png

Therefore, I wanted a library or artifact which is not copied every time I make a rebuild (or if it is copied, then only one jar file).

I have looked at artifacts and indeed this seems to be what I want. However, I cannot get it working correctly because the artifact output is not found when I run the plugin. Maybe you can give me further help. Let's assume I have a working resource folder, but instead of marking it as Source in the project settings and copying it on every build, I want to use and artifact for that.

How would I do that?

(Note that when I change the output path of the artifact to out/production/.. it is removed when I Rebuild my project and I would have to build the artifact everytime like before the Resources)

Best regards

(PS: is there a particular reason, why I can see my uploaded image in the edit preview but not in the final post?)



instead of changing the artifact output path to out/production/... you can add the artifact jar as a library to your module. IDEA will suggest to
choose the category of jar (classes/sources/javadoc/...) by hand. If you choose 'classes' the jar will be added to the classpath when you start your

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Thanks Nikolay,

now it works perfectly.

If you choose 'classes' the jar will be added to the classpath when you start your

That was, what I haven't thought of. I got confused that I have to mark the resources as Source in the IDEA properties and used it for the jar too which, of course, did not work.



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