[probably ot] debugging over slow connection


Sometimes I have to debug an application over a VPN connection which
naturally is slower than LAN and has a higher latency.

Now, when I have the Variables/Frames view opened in IDEA it happens
(nearly always) that the debugging session hang.
If have to disconnect and reconnect again.

If I hide variables/frames and keep visible only the watches view with
one or two variables of interest it works - as long as I do not try to
inspect any of these variables any deeper.

It seems as when the debugger-session has to transfer a lot of data from
the debugged process to the client the conection is very ... lets say
... unstable.

Do one know, is there some sort of timeout one can configure with the
Or is this someting which can be implemented in IDEA?
Or is there another problem?


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i'm having this problem as well, but i can wake up the debugger by pushing some buttons after waiting 1-2 minutes. from then on, it works.


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