JUnit - Run Inherited Test on Current Class?

I work with Java and Groovy code in IDEA 12 that includes test classes that inherit test methods from superclasses.

When I open a test class in IDEA, the inherited methods/tests are (correctly) shown in the Structure view, which have the following behaviors by default:

  • If I single-left-click on a test method, IDEA opens the superclass containing the method.
  • If I right-click on a test method and try to run it, I'm prompted to pick a class to run the test on.

Is there some way I can configure IDEA to run an inherited test method directly on the subclass I'm currently viewing, without opening the superclass and/or without being prompted to select the same class I'm already viewing from a list of all executable classes?


No, it is currently imossible as it was supposed to work from the editor. So it's a bug. Thanks


Thanks for your reply. Will a bug be filed / is there somewhere this will be offically tracked, or should I file a bug on my own?



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