adding list views and spinners

I have created an app in Mit app inventor and been plodiing away for a few montsh now changing it to hard code.

I am struggling to find good examples of adding data in edit tex box's to a list and recall the list.

to create the list in mit app inventor

on addclick
call additems to list, list1 name, itemlist1(textbox)
set name label.text listname
call additems to list, list2 name, itemlist2(textbox)
set name label.text listname

firs add ckic data(1) (A)
Second add Click (2) (B)
Third add Click (3) (C)

I then add  data to some more labels

set list 1 show label1.text, select list item, list1name, index
set list 2 show label2.text, select list item, list2name, index

data shows 1A  and so on as I use this to scroll up and down the index before deleting any unwanted entries.

But struggling to find the equivalent hard code or tutorial that covers this scenario.

I later  select between option 1 to 3 in this example and utilise the corrosping A, B or c values.

Any help with the code or being pointed to a tuturial that explains this will be very much appreciated.



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