Autocomplete in JSF with Primefaces.

Hi guys,

I noticed today that Intelij has a problem with autocompletion in a facelet with primefaces tag.

For example. I have a var declarion in p:datatable which is an entityobject.If I trigger ctrl+space can't see the attributes of my entity.

Intelij resolve the property as an object type and not as my entityclass.

  <p:dataTable lazy="true" id="dataTable" scrollable="true" scrollHeight="600" var="property" editable="true"
                         value="#{controllerSystemProperties.datamodel}" widgetVar="propertiesTable"
                         emptyMessage="No settings found "
                         selection="#{controllerSystemProperties.selectedProperty}" >

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Hi it's me again,

I check the same behaviour with <h:selectOneMenue> too. Unfortunately the same behaviour here. It's seems so that intelij has problems with autocomplete of iteration values in facelets in general.

<h:selectOneMenu value="#{controllerTest.selectedCar}" effect="fade" converter="player">
                <f:selectItem itemLabel="Select One" itemValue="" />
                <f:selectItems value="#{controllerTest.datamodel}" var="car" itemLabel="#{car <STRG + SPACE says that car is from type Object>}" itemValue="#{player}"/>

I made a screenshoot of my problem. As you see at the picture the value test should resolved as a Car object and not as Object. Did I miss something ??

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I get the same problem. why intellij does not fix this issue?

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Please report at with a sample project to reproduce attached.


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