Cannot save file: Cannot delete temporary file ___jb_old___



I have a very basic Maven webapp running with Jetty. When I try to save my index.jsp changes, while the jetty server is running, IDEA complains that "Cannot save file: Cannot delete temporary file C:\...\index.jsp.___jb_old___". This does happen just on Windows (I need to stop the server, save my changes, and then restart the server), everything works fine on Linux. How can I fix the problem?




please see this issue for a workaround.


Thanks Roman for the quick reply. I added line to C:\Program Files\JetBrains\IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition 11.0\bin\idea.exe.vmoptions file. This time, when I try to save, IntelliJ complains that "Cannot save file: C:\...\index.jsp (The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open)". BTW, I'm pretty sure no other applications try to access index.jsp, except IntelliJ.

Hrm... While googling for the new error message, this FAQ I found fixed the problem:


Cannot Save Files problem is still relevant in IDEA 12.1.4

I have tried to use

  1. IDEA / Settings / IDE Settings / General / "Use Safe Write" (Remove flag)

And yes this error dissapear, but error: Cannot Save Files

So currently the solution (at least in Jetty ) is to add server


It is really a shitty error when we want to work agile with IDEA the webstorm way !!!!!

Because adding this flag to web.xml can cause later problems !!!!!!!


Rather than posting a rude rant on a 2 year old post, it might be more productive to open a regression bug in you track ;)



your files are clearly being locked by Tomcat - there's nothing IDEA can do. There are number of anti-locking tricks - e.g.

<Context antiResourceLocking="true">

If nothing else helps I'd suggest to stop using Windows :)


Agree it is a Windows problem. I do not have the problem on my mac.
My client just insists on using Windows.


Close google driver sync.....


I just restarted my pc and it was fine. (using Windows 10)


i hate to say it but i have the same problem. pycharm keep generating this __jb__old file, really annoying and have no way to resolve it easily. we are paid users and i am very disappointed with this product. Will have to give up using this IDE 


Yanni2006 first, you can just turn off the Settings | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings | Back up files before saving option. Second, PyCharm doesn't use the "__jb__old" extension for, like, 3 years; it is recommended to update your IDE.


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