Cannot save file: Cannot delete temporary file ___jb_old___



I have a very basic Maven webapp running with Jetty. When I try to save my index.jsp changes, while the jetty server is running, IDEA complains that "Cannot save file: Cannot delete temporary file C:\...\index.jsp.___jb_old___". This does happen just on Windows (I need to stop the server, save my changes, and then restart the server), everything works fine on Linux. How can I fix the problem?




please see this issue for a workaround.


Thanks Roman for the quick reply. I added line to C:\Program Files\JetBrains\IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition 11.0\bin\idea.exe.vmoptions file. This time, when I try to save, IntelliJ complains that "Cannot save file: C:\...\index.jsp (The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open)". BTW, I'm pretty sure no other applications try to access index.jsp, except IntelliJ.

Hrm... While googling for the new error message, this FAQ I found fixed the problem:


Rather than posting a rude rant on a 2 year old post, it might be more productive to open a regression bug in you track ;)


Agree it is a Windows problem. I do not have the problem on my mac.
My client just insists on using Windows.


Cannot Save Files problem is still relevant in IDEA 12.1.4

I have tried to use

  1. IDEA / Settings / IDE Settings / General / "Use Safe Write" (Remove flag)

And yes this error dissapear, but error: Cannot Save Files

So currently the solution (at least in Jetty ) is to add server


It is really a shitty error when we want to work agile with IDEA the webstorm way !!!!!

Because adding this flag to web.xml can cause later problems !!!!!!!



your files are clearly being locked by Tomcat - there's nothing IDEA can do. There are number of anti-locking tricks - e.g.

<Context antiResourceLocking="true">

If nothing else helps I'd suggest to stop using Windows :)


Close google driver sync.....


i hate to say it but i have the same problem. pycharm keep generating this __jb__old file, really annoying and have no way to resolve it easily. we are paid users and i am very disappointed with this product. Will have to give up using this IDE 


Yanni2006 first, you can just turn off the Settings | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings | Back up files before saving option. Second, PyCharm doesn't use the "__jb__old" extension for, like, 3 years; it is recommended to update your IDE.


I just restarted my pc and it was fine. (using Windows 10)


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