Need a Way To Have Release & Debug Outputs For Flex Apps


When compiling Flex binaries using Flash Builder, there were bin-debug and bin-release directories that were used depending on the type of compilation. When debugging, the binary was placed in the bin-debug, and when exporting a release build, it was placed in the bin-release folder. With IDEA, everything it seems is placed in the */production/output folder, which is created by default. This naming is misleading too I think, as it infers only release builds will be output here, but in fact debug versions go here as well if you are debugging on a mobile device or the iOS Simulator, which means your release build gets overwritten. I'd much rather keep debug and release versions separate.

The only way I currently see to avoid this is to create debug and release Build Configurations and reference the BC wit hthe debug output path in the run/debug configuration. However this creates a lot of BCs, meaning that you have to manually keep the settings in sync between the multiple BCs. I think IDEA should automatically discern that a debug build goes into a debug folder and a release build goes in a release folder. Is the way I describe the only way to achieve what I want?


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It seems to me what they describe has been implemented hasn't it? What I'm describing is to have different output folders based on the release, debug, and possibly run commands.

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Indeed, 'Package AIR Application' action allows to create release build for Desktop- or Mobile-targeted app. But for Web apps there's no such action.
Your request is similar, it is 'export release build to a separate folder'. Ok, let's track it as a separate YouTrack issue, can you please open it?


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