Confused by IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio && folders don't appears in Android Studio


I want to start Android developpement, I used Eclipse with the usual plugin before, but I want to try another.

I downloaded this soft this afternoon:
I thought it was the same than here but it's not, so I'm really confused because they said that their soft is based on Intellij IDEA. It's better?

Second point, I installed Android Studio, but I have some issue, the folders don't appear in my project view, only files. It's quite disturbing... (And I didn't found a forum about their soft so... I'm asking here, hope you could have a solution)

By the way, I will try to install your own soft version 132.425. I'm installing it right now.

But, it's better or not? Which one is the best for android application?

Thank you for your help.

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The following two blog posts should help you understand the difference between IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio

As for not seeing your directories, can you provide more information and a screenshot. In particular, as screenshot of the project tool window.

And as for the EAP ("soft" version as you call it), that version will be have more features than the current v12 release. But it is beta and so may be a bit unstable. I do not know how changes between Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA are done, so I'll defer to the JetBrains developers to answer how an EAP build compares to an Android Studio release.

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I installed the Intellij IDEA and it works well.

I'll read your links, thanks.

I know about the EAP. ;)

I opened just now the project created by Intellij IDEA with Android Studio and it works!
In fact I had a lot of file that I didn't knew with project generated by Android Studio (I deleted it after), it was weird, maybe bad configuration/choice, I don't know...

Anyway, thank you.

Edit: Gradle files, I don't know these, but it's pretty weird.
And I have the following error when I create a project with Android Studio:

IllegalStateException: Can't deserialize target data of key 'IdeaAndroidProject'. Given class loaders: [PluginClassLoader[, 10.0]]: Can't deserialize target data of key 'IdeaAndroidProject'. Given class loaders: [PluginClassLoader[, 10.0]]

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About the screen, there is two:

Android Studio - Load existing project.png
When I load an existing project created by IntelliJ IDEA. It works. I can run the code on my phone.

Android Studio - Creating a new project.png
When I create a new project, selecting all the basics choices.


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