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I am using Mac at home, and Windows at work. I'm thinking to buy a mac keyboard to use at work, so that i dont have to keep switching the shortcut between work & home.
My question is, will the Mac shortcut work properly on Windows (after switching the keymap, obviously)? Will Intellij on windows recognize the fn, control, option (alt) and command correctly?

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Mac keyboard works fine: Alt, Cmd, Ctrl, Shift, F1-F12, PgUp/PgDown, Home/End, etc... apart from "fn" button and as far as I know there's no way to make it work under Windows/Linux. Note that Mac keyboard doesn't have buttons like Print Screen and Insert. If you need those you have to use an application - e.g. Sharp Keys - and map unused keys (like F13-F13) to anything you need.


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